In our quest to aquire some of the most rare and most desirable Orpingtons ever seen on the American shores, we have gratefuly aquired the English Spangled or Mottled Orpington.

This colour is by far our most cherished colour here at Elite Poultry.
The rarity of the variety of English Orpington is unmatched in the United States of any of the other Colours. There are only a small handful of breeders who have them here.

We are dedicated to improving this variety and moving forward with the acceptance of this variety into the APA SOP, But still maintaining the English "look" of this bird.

Thank you Louise from Autumn Farm Orpingtons!

We set 36 Blue Double Laced Barnevelder eggs on St. Patricks day 3/17/13.

If you want some cute little barnevelder chicks before summer, Heres your chance!!
But hurry, becuase there are limited slots available.

                                                     Taking pre orders now!!!